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      Human resource
      The Business Department
      of fine Chemicals
      Business Department of Agrochemicals
      Ministry of Trade
      Strategy Cooperation
        CONTACT  US

      Add:Xingji Town Industrial Park Cangzhou City Hebei Province.

        Post code:061021
      Tel: +86-317-4852401
        Fax: +86-317-4851707
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        About us


      Cangzhou Green Chemical Co., Ltd. which is a high science-technology enterprise, professionally produces the agricultural chemicals. The company has strong researching and developing capacity, as well as exquisite synthetic technology.
      Geographical Position
        The company is situated at Xingji Town Industrial Park, about 15 kilometers to the North of Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, and between both sides of 104 National Road. It enjoys the convenient transportation. Cangzhou City is the "Chemical Industry City" in the whole country. And it has better regional support in chemical industrial production.
      History of Company
        Cangzhou Green Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in April, 2000. It is derived from Cangzhou Agricultural Chemical Plant, Hebei Province, founded in 1970,which belonged to one of the state owned major and medium-sized industries, And was also a state key manufacturing agricultural chemicals enterprise. In April 2000, Hebei Long Life Group cost enough funds to buy it entirely from the local government and to change it into a private enterprise, Cangzhou Green Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The registered funds were 50 million Yuans (RMB).
      Resources of Company
        The company covers an area of 100 mues (approximately 6.67 hectares). It has 10 standard workshops in which are full of various advanced equipments, and it also possesses the capacity of many kinds of unit operations.
      Electricity: I set of 10KV transformer station with installed capacity 7000KVA
      Gas: 2 sets of 10 tons automatic boilers, 24 tons/h vapor volumes
      Cooling: 4,900,000 kcal/h
      Research & Development
      The company has set both researching and developing labs, as well as a medium-test workshop which possesses many kinds of capacity of experiments in order to fulfill products custom-made and to make new items transformed. The researching-developing and technical departments have been set up in the company, so that they can serve the development of new products. A research institute at Haidian District in Beijing has also been set up. It covers an area of 300㎡, and there are 5 labs in it. The experimental apparatuses were fully equipped. And the analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC and some others are advanced.
      Core of Capacity
        The productive system of the company possesses very rich experience for 30 years in producing chemical industrial products. The company has a prominent ability to transform technical achievement into products. In view of the particularity of chemical industrial technology it has the ability in transforming small test technique quickly into medium test enlarged, then into making products on a large batch basis. And the technique in the field of cool temperature reaction and reducing reaction by hydrogenation has formed a characteristic of it.

      Orientation of Company
      The company oriented itself to be the most specialized manufacturer who produces agricultural chemicals, particularly in the field of herbicides. And it will make itself the biggest center of producing cycle hexatone herbicides kind and supply source of exports. The commodities pesticides include original concentrate, single component formulation, compound formulation and intermediates. We hope to proceed from people's requirements and also to be an excellent manufacturer in the field of chemicals made to order.

      Environmental Protection
      The company puts the duty to society in an important place from beginning to end. Especially in the environmental protection It initiates the concepts, green chemical industry and environment friendship. At the present moment the company has invested to build the facilities of protecting environment, which conforms the national standard of letting-off . So the company has been approved by the authority of Hebei Province to be a better enterprise in environmental protection. The local government will set up a large sewage disposal plant in the Xingji Town Industrial Park in which the company is situated.
      Management & Validation
      The authorized unit has passed the validation of ISO 9001 of the company. And the company is preparing the work of validation of ISO 14000 consciously.
      Concept of Enterprise
      Listening to customer's requirement, just is our beginning.
      To create values for customer's, to take opportunities for staffs.
      To be a splendid supplier in an excellent enterprise, to develop the value chain of common concern, and to contribute to the property increase.

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      Xingji Town Industrial Park Cangzhou City Hebei Province.      Post:061021
      Tel:86-0317-4852401         Fax:86-0317-4851707               E-mail: 
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